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We work really hard to keep our rates low and provide awesome service to our customers and our community.

Info on rates below

Long Term and Seasonal Storage, we will keep your investment dry, safe and secure. Don't experience the headaches of "shrink-wrap" mildew, or the accelerated depreciation and deterioration from the harsh elements.

The cost of your indoor storage will be easily outweighed by the protection of your investment.

Lowest Prices in the Area

Annual rates starting at $104.95/ mo. for shared units. Includes placement and extractions of your Boat and /or RV per year.

  • Starting at $99.95/mo. for up to 20'
  • Per foot basis / foot thereafter (in total length).
  • 6 Month Minimum Contract Pre-Paid.
Common Storage:
  • From $6.25 / ft / mo.
  • 20' = $124.95/mo.
  • 25' = $154.95/mo.
  • 30' = $186.95/mo.
  • 35' = $217.95/mo.
  • 40' = $249.95/mo.
Individual Secure Units - 24 hr Access
  • 14' x 34' = $239.95/mo.
  • 14' x 38' = $254.95/mo.
  • 14' x 40' = $279.95/mo.

Why store your investment outdoors, exposed to the harshest environment, vandals, and unsightliness of at home storage along with the chance violating local zoning and neighborhood storage restrictions.

Why Use Indoor Storage?

Look at the Obvious Signs Below!

  • Eliminate damage from mildew
  • No more damaging bird droppings
  • Easier than unsightly at home storage
  • Forget about storm damage
  • We could go on, but we think you get it!

Our Saratoga Location

Saratoga Boat N RV Condos
1428 Route 9P
Saratoga Lake, NY 12866



Better Than Just A Cover

Our inside storage is better then an RV or Motorhome cover.

  • Great place to temporarily park a family members RV for a week or two
  • Handicap access to our units
  • Some insurances reduce premiums for units stored inside!